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WIJABA Roots & Shoots Online Program Success!

After the enormous success of our online Health & Hygiene Program, which has reached nearly 120,000 children since it launched in March of 2020, we have expanded our online program to include a curriculum for The WIJABA Environmental Education Program in Partnership with Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots. Our unique partnership with Roots & Shoots strives to promote the R&S mission to empower young people to affect positive change in their communities. Specifically, the 24 videos in the WIJABA R&S online program teach children how to become stewards for the environment through lessons about plants, animals, recycling, composting, and more!

WIJABA R&S Online Education Program Breakdown:

4 ...........Modules

24 ..........Videos

1,101 .....Schools Participating

1,101 .....WhatsApp Groups

13,365 ...Contest Participants

14,900 ...YouTube Subscribers

60,794 ...Children Reached

237,228 .Total YouTube Views

We are thrilled that our online programs are making such an impact in Indonesia where greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation rates, and plastic pollution are among some of the worst in the world.

As Dr. Jane once said, “Young people, when they understand the problems, are empowered to take action. When we listen to their voices (they) actually are changing the world and making it better for people, for animals, and for the environment because everything is interconnected.”

At WIJABA, we believe that through early childhood environmental education, we can empower young people to take action in their communities to build a better world.










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