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What We Do

School Libraries,  Mobile Libraries, Horse Library, and Educational Programs 
School & Orphanage Libraries

WIJABA has partnered with local communities to build more than 100 libraries at primary schools and orphanages in Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States. 

These libraries often provide children with their only access to books. They also serve as centers for WIJABA programs ranging from environmental education, health, and art, to student-led leadership programs.


These libraries also serve as safe havens for children to do homework and locations for community meetings.

WIJABA's libraries and programs have reached 420,000+ children

Mobile Libraries

Initiated in 2010, WIJABA mobile libraries serve underprivileged children at schools and orphanages that do not have on premise libraries. 


Each mobile library serves 50 sites by delivering books to children each month. The mobile libraries also rotate 100 new books per month through each WIJABA library in Indonesia, providing children with ongoing educational enrichment opportunities. 

By building libraries around the world, we give children access to education that they wouldn't otherwise have.

Horse Library

WIJABA's unique horse library was launched through a partnership with an initiative created by "The Horse Man of Java," to provide children with books in remote villages on a volcano in Java, Indonesia.


WIJABA Horse Library Kuda Pustaka now reaches 10 schools and provides children with access to new books and educational programs.  


“My name is Haqqi. I like to read books in the library with my friends. Our library is very clean and neat. My hobby is reading books.” 

Haqqi Hadi Purnomo, Grade 1

The World is Just a Book Away Environmental Education Program in Partnership with Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots

The environmental education program was launched in 2015 under the auspices of Dr. Jane Goodall to promote environmental awareness and stewardship for the children of Indonesia. 

Based on the unique and inspirational work of  Dr. Jane Goodall and Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots, this month-long program has reached more than 35,000 children at more than 500 schools. These children have planted trees, collected trash, and recycled plastic. 


Ultimately, each school will have a student-led Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots chapter. 

Health & Hygiene Program

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, WIJABA developed and distributed  educational videos about health and hygiene to 155,000+ children in Indonesia.


Children Reached:           155,000+ unique views 

Total Views:                      548.789+

Schools Participating:      3,897

Modules & Videos:           9 modules/54 videos 

YouTube Subscribers:      16,700                     


“The World is Just a Book Away is an organization that I truly believe in and am happy to be a part of.  I think that books should not be a luxury, they should be accessible to everyone.  The opportunities and travels that children can experience through books are endless.” 

Jenny Ming

Student Librarian Program

The WIJABA Student Librarian Program trains 5th graders to manage check-in/check-out data at WIJABA libraries for 2 hour periods. Student librarians are celebrated for taking on this responsibility with personalized buttons. Photos of student librarians are also hung in the libraries to honor each child.


This initiative not only builds a sense of leadership and pride for student librarians, it also strengths our ability to track library data. Having a reliable set of check-in/ check-out data ensures that we are delivering engaging reading material that instills a lifelong love of reading. 


“Those of us with ready access to books too often take that access for granted and we should not. The World is Just a Book Away is performing a crucial task, and I am proud to be part of it.”

Martin Scorsese

Art Program

Through the WIJABA Art Program, students are given the opportunity to paint murals in our libraries and draw their favorite things for donor thank you cards.


Participation in the mural paintings strengthens student interest in the libraries and instills a greater sense of pride for WIJABA learning centers. 

The donor thank you card initiative helps to close the gap of anonymity between donors and students while encouraging creativity and reinforcing the importance of imaginative thinking. 


“Whether you're the revolutionary leading the cause, or just a little kid collecting plastic bottles in your garage, I promise you that your actions will have impact.” 

Cybella Maffitt

Fundraised for 3 WIJABA Libraries

Storytelling Program​

WIJABA's storytelling program is designed to promote a love of reading through peer-to-peer engagement. Children are encouraged to read books from the library, summarize the story, and retell these stories, in their own words, to friends in the library.


WIJABA awards the children for their efforts with prizes. These rewards instill both a desire to read and a sense of pride. Honoring the children for being avid readers motivates all students to consistently check out books and improve their reading skills. 


“When I saw the bright smiles that books could put on their faces, I couldn’t help but be moved; so began my support of WIJABA…I encourage others to check out this wonderful organization and how much good it has achieved—and continues to achieve.”

Riz Khan

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