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Intern Training Workshop in Indonesia

Our 2nd WIJABA Internship Program kicked off with a training session held in Sidoarjo, Indonesia on February 12th. Out of the 66 people who applied, 12 were selected to participate. The program, which will run until August 12th, 2022, consists of 3 divisions: Video Division, Online Program Division, and Teacher Training Division.

For our Video Division, interns will create and upload videos to the WIJABA Pendidikan YouTube channel, update and manage the WIJABA Pendidikan social media accounts, and perform any additional task related to WIJABA's educational video curriculum.

For our Online Program Division, interns will manage the WhatsApp groups we use to share our videos with students, teachers, and parents. Since the program launched in May of 2020, we have shared our 72 videos with 130,000+ children through nearly 4,000 WhatsApp groups.

For our Teacher Training Division, interns will instruct teachers on how to incorporate environmental education and health & hygiene into their own curriculums. Interns will also give teachers tips on how to enhance the learning atmosphere in the classroom through interactive lesson plans. Lastly, the interns will help teachers collect pre and post test data which we will use to asses qualitative and quantitative success.

Asril Novian Alifi, a consultant for online learning development in Indonesia, spoke at the event. He shared helpful leadership strategies and facilitated team bonding exercises.

We are thrilled to welcome our 12 new interns to the WIJABA team and we look forward to reaching new heights with their help!


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