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Online Education Contest Winners!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The World is Just a Book Away Health & Hygiene Online Education Program is delivered through 24 YouTube videos that children view through parent-monitored WhatsApp groups. The educational program teaches children how to protect themselves and their family members from COVID-19.

Our goal is to create programs that are both educational and fun, so we built quizzes into the program to "gamify" the learning experience. As of August 26, 2020, we have had 2,045 children participate in the 10 quizzes, and 50 children have won so far! The children win a t-shirt that reads "Knowledge is Power" in Indonesian. We have had phenomenal response to the program and we look forward to expanding this model in the future.

Contest Winners Pictured from Left to Right: Mochamad Ferdiansyah, Maura Zahratussyita, Kaka Nadhif Ahnaf Zano

Contest Winners Pictured from Left to Right: Citra Amanda Fitriah, Reyhan Putra Pratama, Zahra Eka Nandhita, Muhammad Faza Fauzan Adhim, Ayundhira Azzahra Putri Asani, and Moch Jakki If'fan Efendi


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