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New Health & Hygiene Videos!

WIJABA is dedicated to providing the children of Indonesia with quality, verified information on COVID-19, as well as fun, educational projects to engage students during the pandemic. In these videos, students learn how to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19, as well as how to make fabric masks and art projects out of recycled materials.

To further engage the children and test their knowledge of the material, interactive contests are introduced each week. As of November 13th, over 2,000 children have participated in the contests, 70 have won prizes, 30,100 students have viewed the videos, and 1,900 have subscribed to our YouTube channel (WIJABA Pendidikan).

New videos are being created regularly and we look forward to sharing them with you and the children of Indonesia. Stay tuned for exciting developments on WIJABA's online education program!


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