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Crafts, Cooking, and Exercise with WIJABA's Health & Hygiene Program!

WIJABA's online education program is still thriving! Our videos have reached over 50,000 children in Indonesia and we continue to add enriching videos weekly to our growing curriculum. WIJABA Pendidikan (Bahasa for WIJABA Education), now has 6 modules, 36 videos, over 163,000 cumulative views, and over 2,100 subscribers. We are also partnering with many new regions in Indonesia to increase the number of children we are able to reach.

Since Misinformation about COVID-19 continues to run rampant throughout Indonesia, it is still important that WIJABA Pendidikan administer clear, dependable, fact-checked information about the virus to help as many children and families as possible. A secondary goal for the program is to provide fun, enriching videos that encourage children to get creative, practice healthy habits, and become better stewards to the environment while they are stuck at home.

We believe that in this time of deep, global hardship, there is opportunity to inspire hope through education. If you would like to view some of our latest videos, which include tutorials on how to make art out of recycled materials and how to cook with healthy ingredients, please visit our YouTube channel or watch a selection of embedded videos below!


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