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Mara W. Breech Mobile Library is Now Serving the Children of Bali

We are delighted to share that the WIJABA Mara W. Breech Bali Mobile Library launched on August 9, 2018 through the generosity of the Mara W. Breech Foundation grant. 

The launch followed 5 years of hard work, strategic planning, and two complete surveys of all the orphanages on the island of Bali. The van, which was bought used but in excellent condition, was repainted and decorated by the children of Bali on October 8th, 2018 which brought great joy to the whole community.

This mobile library will serve over 1,200 orphans on Bali in 2018 at 18 orphanages. Bali is approximately the size of Connecticut with over 70 orphanages and (depending on the year) 5,000 to 6,000 orphans. 


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