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WIJABA Roots & Shoots Has Significant Environmental Impact!

The World is Just a Book Away Environmental Education Program in Partnership with Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, is thriving and has reached over 25,000 children since 2015.

Ranked the second biggest marine pollutant after China, Indonesia has a catastrophic waste problem. According to the journal Science, Jakarta produced 3.2 million tons of plastic waste in 2010, with around 1.29 million tons ending up in the ocean.

WIJABA's Environmental Education Programs in Partnership with Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots aims to address the waste problem in Indonesia as well as other threats to the environment.

By 2019 yearend, our program reached 25,584 children, recycled 1,073 kilos of plastic, planted 3,782 trees, used 8,306 kilos of compost, and served 515 schools throughout Indonesia. We are so proud of all the WIJABA R&S students and teachers who work so hard to build a better world.


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