Mobile Library Program

Worldwide, close to 1 billion people (including hundreds of millions of children) are illiterate or functionally illiterate.  The plague of illiteracy locks children into a perpetual, intergenerational chain of poverty that affects every aspect of their lives.  Books, libraries, and educational programs that promote literacy break the cycle of poverty, while providing children with the tools to better their own lives and communities while enhancing their understanding of other cultures, and, thus, encouraging peace.


The WIJABA Mobile Library Program serves disadvantaged and at-risk children in communities affected by poverty and natural disaster.  WIJABA currently operates 2 Mobile Libraries which has recently been expanded to serve 100 schools throughout Padangand Sidoarjo, Indonesia.  Thanks to the Mara W. Breech Foundation, the WIJABA Mobile Libraries deliver books to children in 2-week rotations each month to schools in severely poor regions and areas affected by natural disasters.

The books are sorted into bins of 100 books each, then rotated between the schools regularly, ensuring that every 2 weeks each school has a fresh supply of books.  Thousands of books are already in rotation, and we continually strive to grow our collection and add new subject materials as well as replenish each set of books.  Through a regular rotation of books for the children, we reach some of Indonesia's most difficult and often overlooked, and under-served, children, schools and communities.  Enthusiasm and demand for the program has grown considerably, and we receive frequent requests for more books and to serve more schools.

Thanks to the generosity of Mara W. Breech Foundation, WIJABA is able to expand the mobile library program (from 50 schools in 2015) to 100 schools, with 12,500 books to over 1,250 children in some of Indonesia's most vulnerable regions by end of 2016.

2016 mobile library plan

WIJABA's expansion and impact through our mobile library program will scale to 50 additional schools in Padang and Sidoarjo, Indonesia this year.  Through the generosity of the Mara W. Breech Foundation, WIJABA has received funding through a grant of $15,000 to purchase a van, hire a staff member, rent a depot, and purchase 12,500 books for distribution to a list of 50 additional schools previously identified on our target list.

The cost of launching and running this program for 3 years is $100,000, with upfront costs being $55,000 and annual operational costs being $15,000.  In Indonesia, our Mobile Library Program features:

  1. Bright, Colorful Books: A set of 100 books is delivered regularly to each school in sturdy containers.  Books are divided by subject matter and themes.
  2. Rotational Schedule: Each container of books is unique.  Every school receives a different set of books every 2 weeks.
  3. Tracking System: Numerical codes are used to monitor student and book usage data for trends and preferences.  Student impact data is also collected.
  4. Educational Programs: Students will benefit from our programs including our environmental educational program in partnership with Jane Goodall's "Roots & Shoots", Reading & Storytelling, and Art programs.