WIJABA Ambassadorial Leadership Council (ALC)


The mission of the WIJABA Ambassadorial Leadership Council (ALC) is to cultivate the next generation of committed leaders for the organization on behalf of advancing WIJABA's efforts to bring literacy and well-rounded education to impoverished children in Indonesia and Mexico through our libraries and educational programs abroad.  WIJABA ALC commits to investing in the personal leadership development of all WIJABA Ambassadors who raise awareness to the work of WIJABA by advocating on behalf of and championing the work of our libraries and educational programs in primary schools for children across the globe.

Why wijaba alc?

Since its inception in 2008, has helped provide educational opportunities for over 63,000 children.  As a WIJABA ALC member, you will be a part of a thriving and innovative organization that has unrelenting commitment to improving the lives of children and communities in some of the poorest regions of Indonesia and Mexico, as well as the United States. You will also gain access to a network of influential, successful individuals with varying interests who share the common goal of supporting WIJABA's effort to build libraries which educate and empower children and communities worldwide.

Additionally, WIJABA ALC provides optional service learning trips & site visit opportunities over the course of each Class's 2-year commitment to the ALC.  These opportunities are designed to expose ambassadors to WIJABA's work on the ground and allow each Ambassador to personally meet the children and communities the ALC helps support.

Role of WIJABA ALC's AMbassadors

WIJABA Ambassadors are responsible for fundraising on behalf of WIJABA to support our mission of building libraries and providing education to impoverished children all around the world.  They are also charged with raising our visibility in Los Angeles, or other city of residence, by serving as brand ambassadors and advocates.  WIJABA Ambassadors will provide volunteer support for WIJABA ALC and WIJABA annual events and support other WIJABA initiatives including but not limited to advocacy and community and professional engagement.

Leadership development

  • ALC webinar series covering practical skills and leadership

  • Ambassador lead team projects

  • Leadership focused light reading, discussion and individual assignments

  • Optional service learning trips

  • Networking opportunities


Please contact Damian Pherigo, the ALC Chair, at damianp@wijaba.org for more information about the program. The next ALC Ambassador class will begin in January of 2017. Click Here for ALC 2017 Online Application